Shopping in Europe

Want to see where we find our lovely treasures?

Shopping or “picking” in Europe for antiques sounds glamourous (and it is fun) but requires a lot of work and coordination. We buy from barns, warehouses, and individuals that sell wholesale for export only. We have long days filling the 40 foot (70 cubic meters) container at hand. It’s important to run out of time, money, and container space all at the same time.

Working with a small packing company has allowed us to develop meaningful friendships with the people we work with. These friends have become our European family allowing us to even stay in their home. After spending 5-9 days in Europe we wait 6-8 weeks before the container reaches port in Houston. The merchandise is trucked to Seguin where is it unloaded into a 10,000 square foot warehouse. Each load fills approximately 5,000 square feet.

Once our shipment reaches our warehouse, Larry goes to work repairing and restoring. Everything must be rewired, assembled, keys sorted and put back into the very best condition possible.

Our shopping trips are a treasure hunt of sorts. Embracing imperfection is part of the magic of antiques. I love to think of the travels and people that each piece has experienced. We believe in heirloom furniture, pieces that have lasted 100 plus years and will be around for the next 100 years. Thank you France and Belgium for sharing your beautiful antiques and people!

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