Visit to the Lee Factory

Family owned and operated, LEE industries creates and handcrafts upholstered and leather furniture that will wow any client. USA made for over 45 years, LEE has a lifetime warranty and service to behold.

Teresa and Shaina were able to attend an academy at the LEE headquarters and factory in Conover North Carolina. This training assures that the La Belle Vie and Red Stag staff are qualified and educated to order product and answer any questions regarding the product quality, construction and style options. During the training, we were able see firsthand the weaving of fabrics and the entire construction process of a piece of LEE furniture. Each piece is made to order out of its perspective hardwood, custom seating, and selected textile. Nothing is mass produced and waiting on warehouse shelving. It is truly custom handcrafted artistry furniture built to last for generations.

Beyond the amazing furniture was the family behind it. Each family member and employee was committed to the LEE philosophy and product. Many had been with the company 20-40 years with generations following right behind. Each piece of furniture has a tag sewn in it with the names of the six people that constructed that piece. Fabrics are domestic and imported from Italy, Belgium and all over the world. Whether a customer needs indoor or outdoor furnishings, LEE can meet any lifestyle need and look. A mom CAN have a white sofa will keeping her children and pets. New technology allows fabrics to be touchable and unstainable. Outdoor fabrics now look and feel just like indoor fabrics.

LEE is earth friendly, chemical free and plants trees to replace the woods they use. Multiple seating options are available to those with allergies, elderly that need that extra firmness, or even the person wanting all down. Over 1,000 styles, 900 fabrics, and 7 seats are available right here in New Braunfels. So, the next time you are in the market for a new piece of furniture for your home or business, please consider LEE. Shaina, Teresa, and Ellen are here to help you find the right one!

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